After years of amphetamine use: Colega reported cardiac arrest


Tough lyrics and even tougher biceps: rapper Kollegah embodies an athletic lifestyle. But drugs played a role in his past.

Rapper Kollegah posts himself on Instagram with expensive cars, or wears a real fur coat. In addition to his rap career, the 38-year-old has developed his own muscle-building program and has drawn attention to himself with sayings like “biceps shrink from lettuce.” But in an interview with Vitori, the musician has now spoken about the dramatic impulse of his enthusiasm for sports.

Because his healthy lifestyle was preceded by years of substance abuse. When he was in his early twenties, he was due to move to Dusseldorf He slipped into “offense” and “middle” early in his career, as he recalls. At that point he started using amphetamines.

Where I just jumped off the hoe of death again

Accordingly, Colligh “hopes he can do more” and he saw it drugs Initially as a “performance enhancer”. Fatal error as it appeared two years later. The rapper suffered a breakdown, which he remembers “like it was yesterday.”

As a result, Collegge collapsed onto a sofa and “could not move”. In desperation, the musician called his mother, who immediately took him to the hospital. Then she walked away for a while Cardiac arrestThen an irregular heartbeat. So really, that’s where I said: This is an experience where you jump off the hoe of death again,” he says.

The shock was followed by a realization. In retrospect, the incident was a “wake up moment” for Kuligeh. A kind of “rethink” would occur in him, which made him interested in topics such as sports And health can inspire.

In the past, the 38-year-old made negative headlines time and time again. For example, he included the phrase “My body is more defined than that of the Auschwitz prisoners” in a song on “Echo” in 2018, which led to a scandal that led to the end of the music award. The women’s magazine “Emma” named him “Sexist Man Alive 2019” – the biggest sexist of the year. Kuligeh has repeatedly rejected allegations of anti-Semitism and sexism.


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