Bayreuth Live Tape: Second Lift – There I was! – world


theDear readers, and Wagner, and visitors to the festival, and in the following sessions, those who expect to attend the festival, and who happened to be here by chance, and also all those who despise Wagner, even those who hate Wagner, who cannot help but work on the master and his work: Welcome to the WELT live tape for the Bayreuth Festival 2023.

This year I will accompany the entire first edition of the Festival in the form I was used to from last year: completely personal, mainly cheerful – and above all fast. After each lift, there is a quick review during the break. They may be, that’s the fun part, completely wrong after the next act, ignoring important aspects or simply documenting that I didn’t (yet) understand what the director wanted to tell us. This is the essence of the live tape.


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