11 dead after a gym collapse in China


Poor repair work
11 dead after a gym collapse in China

Serious industrial accidents are not uncommon in China. During repair work in a gym, a serious incident occurs: the roof collapses and several people die under the rubble.

At least 11 people were killed when the roof of a gymnasium collapsed in China. Rescue work continued accordingly. Xinhua reported that the roof of a gymnasium at a school in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, collapsed on Sunday afternoon. A total of 19 people were in the gym, four of whom managed to free themselves and four others were rescued.

Footage broadcast by state broadcaster CCTV showed the entire roof falling in the gymnasium and rescue workers examining the rubble. According to CCTV, nearly 160 firefighters and 39 fire engines were involved in the operation.

The insulation material causes the roof to collapse

According to the Xinhua News Agency, a preliminary investigation into the accident revealed that construction workers had deposited perlite on the roof of the building. Perlite is volcanic glass often used in gardening, as an insulating material or in the production of plastics. Then heavy rain expanded the material and caused the roof to collapse. Those responsible for the construction company have been taken into police custody.

Serious industrial accidents continue to occur in China. Safety rules are not often adhered to. One of the worst incidents of this kind occurred in Tianjin in 2015. At that time, at least 165 people were killed in an explosion in a chemical warehouse.


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