A minefield in the south: Ukraine’s losses are higher than expected


The Ukrainian army may have lost many more tanks than previously known in a minefield near Zaporizhia. Among them are also German brands.

He suffered already a few days after the start of the second Ukrainian counterattack Kyiv Huge losses on the battlefield. Near the city of Mala Tokmachka in southern Ukraine, the forces of Ukraine He advanced south, but failed due to heavy artillery fire and a minefield.

It was already known that the army had lost several military vehicles there in mid-June. Pictures taken by a local photographer, published on the Telegram channel of the military blog btvt.info, show, among other things, that the scale of losses is higher than previously assumed.

According to the report, up to 25 tanks and other vehicles were destroyed within minutes by exploding mines and drone strikes from the air while crossing the minefield: 17 M-2 armored personnel carriers, four Leopard 2A6 tanks and three Leopard 2R mine-clearing vehicles. And a Bison tank engineer. According to information from the business magazine “Forbes”, Kiev will lose the combat capability of an entire battalion.

According to the report, after updating the numbers, Ukraine lost a fifth of its 21 main battle tanks in this incident alone. GermanyFive armored personnel carriers United States of America And half of their vehicles for mine clearance Finland.

Huge losses due to wrong tactics and Western hesitation

Long discussions between Ukraine’s Western allies about the volume of supplies of tanks and weapons delayed the start of the counter-offensive from the Ukrainian point of view. Russian forces used the time to create massive defensive structures along the front, including minefields, anti-tank obstacles, and trenches stretching for many kilometers.

Oryx OSINT platform, which documents all losses of the Ukrainian military since the beginning of the war using geolocated imagery, now includes 2,476 destroyed military vehicles. In addition, 243 vehicles were damaged, 135 vehicles were left behind, and 914 were captured by Russian soldiers.

The heavy losses at the beginning of the current counterattack are led by a retired Brigadier General of the German Armed Forces. Dr.. Helmut Ganser returns to Ukraine’s tactical mistakes. In an interview with the weekly Die Zeit, he mentioned, for example, the lack of protection of combat troops and pioneers in minefields by mobile anti-aircraft systems like the Gibbard, which could have repelled drone attacks from the air. .

However, according to Ganser, the current slowdown in the Ukrainian army’s counter-offensive indicates an improvement in tactics on the part of the Kiev forces.


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