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Did God punish me with gout – or did I myself?

WELT author Alan Posener WELT author Alan Posener

WELT author Alan Posener

Source: Claudius Blau

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Our writer is an atheist, but sometimes he thinks that God punishes him for minor sins. Where does it come from? People suspect the existence of a higher plan behind many events in daily life – even politics are accused of a rigor that does not exist at all.

nThe other day I was sitting with my bands, all older gentlemen who had been socialized by the Rolling Stones, and how it is in such groups, everyone talked about their little ailments. I just didn’t have anything to brag about properly. I took one the next morning was attacked On a big toe that I can barely walk.

I have been an atheist for over 50 years, but my first thought was, “Now he is with you. Yesterday you bragged, today you are prostrated.” For, as Mary says in the Magnificat, “it dispels the proud of the heart.” Of course, the creator of the universe is unlikely to take care of my toe. My pain was related to the fact that I celebrated the end of the asparagus season on a grand scale.

However, the suggestion that everything has a hidden meaning, that everything that happens to me is the result of the intention of some person or force, is by no means limited to religious people. Or, think the other way around: We humans are also inherently religious because we tend to recognize patterns and rules everywhere, the workings of forces both friendly and hostile. The result of evolution: Anyone who assumed the saber-toothed tiger wasn’t chasing them didn’t pass on their naïve gene.

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WELT author Alan Posener

However, in a confusing, highly co-operative, bureaucratic, and democratic society, such an evolutionarily advantageous trait—like an innate greed for fat and sugar—can be misleading. Where, for example, in the Corona pandemic, the objective observer saw governments loudly lamenting governments that oscillated between underreacting and overreacting and rarely finding the right balance, he saw “lateral thinker” An evil plot against the people, working with extreme precision.

Where it was clear in the 2015 refugee crisis that Angela Merkel was improvising, not always happily, some AfD politicians saw the execution of an alleged Jewish financier. George Soros A long-conceived plan to destroy the racial and cultural homogeneity of the nations of Europe in order to hand them over to the capital of the American East Coast.

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Journalist Patrick Bahners, book “return” I’m reading with great interest, I’ve found a happy name for this perspective: “The Action Theory of Hidden Rigor”.

It is assumed that proxy politicians have the ability to strictly pursue their hidden intentions, which they do not have, even if they had similar intentions, which is also not the case.

All this does not satisfy my ego

When the environmental authorities in Berlin ran into difficulties because I alleged that I had not complied with certain requirements when installing the geothermal heat pump, I was sure to my anger that they wanted to punish me for my critical articles. But bureaucracy is to blame for my heat pump problems, not politics. Not God But the asparagus made my toe swell. All this does not satisfy me. This is exactly why it is a necessary idea.


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