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wHow will cyclical tourism develop in 2023? This is the question of Christian Tanzler, Member of the Tourism Board of the Abu Dhabi Film Commission. His answer is unequivocal: “The desire to travel by bicycle has not been interrupted.”

The outdoor experience is at the top of the travel wish list. across the aura– This would be a pandemic bike It has also been discovered by many as a new way to travel. And many new cyclists will remain loyal to this type of movement.

But he says that is changing ADFCCouncil, be a leader in travel decisions. It will be booked in no time. Sometimes this requires greater flexibility in choosing a travel destination. Of course it also poses a challenge to service providers.

When asked which areas were in particular demand, Tanzler replied: “Radland Germany He, like many years before, is a bestseller. Nearly 80 percent of cyclist tourists cycle through their country. Classic cycling areas, such as Allgäu and Lake Constanceas well as well-known river cycle paths And pleasedAnd ElbeAnd RhineAnd MainAnd dysenteryAnd Moselle And Danube. “

Water biking, whether on a river, sea or lake, is often the focus when making travel decisions. In addition, little-known cycling areas with good infrastructure are becoming more and more popular. For example this Osnabrück Country or Lusatian Lake District.

Radland Germany: many new offers

Germany has great potential for beautiful roads, even outside the well-known classic regions. Mainly because of insistence E bike– Boom is more and more German low mountain range Bike tours Discover. whether in glue material Or in Westerwald, whether in the Bavarian forest or in Eiffel – Hill roads with a height of several meters are no longer a serious travel hurdle.

Areas that are not immediately thought of when it comes to cycling are also becoming more attractive. This is how Andreas Punge, General Manager of Rückenwind Reisen, describes it: “My personal advice is tours in Ruhr region, which is also an up-and-coming area in terms of cyclical tourism. With many green lungs, with well-preserved mines. Gray turned green. It’s all amazing. ”

Cyclists in Chiemsee

Cyclists in Chiemsee

Source: picture alliance / Westend61

Those who prefer classic picture-book landscapes will find a new Chiemgau Highlights tour on the Pedalo Reisen program: eight days and 320 kilometers through gently rolling alpine foothills with numerous bathing lakes and through idyllic alpine valleys with stops at Chiemsee And also in places worth seeing Reit im Winkl, Bad Reichenhall, BerchtesgaardenAnd Salzburg and jogging.

Star tours for added convenience

The recommendation for cyclists who don’t want to change their bedding every day is Star Tours from a fixed vacation site. A new alternative to this is the Mecklenburger Radtouren double-star rounds. The Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft and Rogaine Sea baths are the highlight of this weekly programme.

Daily tours start from two locations: from the Hanseatic City Stralsund (UNESCOThe global heritage) and from the seaside resorts of Binz or Sellin. From Stralsund it passes through the attractive coastal region of Western Pomerania and to the island Hidden vision. Then cycle through idyllic southern Rügen to the seaside resorts of Sellin or Binz.

Trees stand on chalk cliffs

Trees stand on the chalk cliff “Königsstuhl” in Rügen

Source: Image Alliance / dpa

By the way, it is not always necessary for a hotel or guesthouse to serve as the location for star tours. A vacation apartment is the most practical solution for many cyclists, especially for families and self-catering workers. Cycle tour operator Velociped has a six-day individual package for this Mecklenburg Lake District Offered, with an overnight stay at the MareMüritz Marina Resort right on the lakeshore and an itinerary book for various stargazing tours.

Interesting destinations abroad

And beyond the limits? “Neighboring countries are traditionally at the fore here, especially HollandAnd AustriaAnd Denmark And beyond Northern Italy. Remote destinations are less in demand due to the longer and more difficult journey.

However, more distant countries are also making more efforts to attract cycling vacationers, such as Slovenia. The small country in the European Union has created an exciting new long-distance cycling route, the Green Gourmet Route. The country’s culinary experience is at the forefront of the recommended eleven-day cycling route with over 400 kilometres.

The Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, invites you to an evening tour

The Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, invites you to an evening tour

Source: Image Alliance / AA

The road runs from Ljubljana Towards Goriška Brda, through the Vipava Valley and the Karst region, back through the capital and then to Sevnica, Podčetrtek, Ptuj and Maribor. Some parts of the route can be covered by train.

Southern Sweden is a good country for cycling

Skåne is the name for a tip for fans of Scandinavia. Terrain and climate in the extreme south Sweden Perfect for cyclists. You can take your bike with you on public transportation almost everywhere, and the diversity of the landscape offers excellent opportunities for recreational cyclists and those with sporting ambitions.

If you want to discover more of Skåne right away, you can turn to one of the long-distance cycle paths, such as Kattegatleden, about 400 kilometers along the west coast, the 300-kilometre Sydostleden or the 260-kilometre Sydkustleden.

Skåne's backdrop in southern Sweden is perfect for an evening drink

Skåne’s backdrop in southern Sweden is perfect for an evening drink

Source: Image Alliance / Wolfram Steinberg

Then there’s insider advice for experienced touring cyclists The Mediterranean Sea:”Albania It is one of the few still relatively unknown cycling destinations in Europe,” describes Jorn Kreib of Natours Reisen, which offers suitable tour programs: “That means stunning landscapes with mountains, Adriatic beaches and lots of hospitality. ”

What about Spain?

Also in Spain There are still little-known areas for cycling. between Madrid and the Portuguese The borders extend to one of the most pristine regions in the country. Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León are part of the Spanish Central Historic Landscape Castile.

Secluded landscapes with wooded mountain ranges, breathtaking valleys, medieval castles and traditional towns form the backdrop for a week-long guided tour of the ‘Die Landpartie’, with six cycling stages ranging from 23 to 59km in length and 252km in total.

There is so much to discover in Castile - even if it is best to walk over this bridge

There is so much to discover in Castile – even if it is best to walk over this bridge

Source: Image Alliance / Design Images

Even avid long-distance cyclists don’t always have to organize everything themselves. The current show takes you across half of europe: it starts from Tallinn To Gibraltar – Europe in diameter. 5800 km from Estonia to Latvia and Lithuania PolandSlovakia HungarySlovenia ItalyAnd France And Spain to Gibraltar.

If you like to cycle, you need not only a well-filled travel budget, but also the time and physical condition of 57 days of cycling and 15 days of rest. However, individual sections can also be reserved, for example from Barcelona Bookable in Gibraltar.

Gravel biking and mountain biking

“The zeitgeist was captured with the cobblestone and cycling themes,” ADFC board member Tanzler explains: “Getting out into nature – also in the immediate vicinity.” in youth. “This trend is likely to continue.”

More and more tourism associations and tour operators are taking up the topic and developing appropriate tours and offers. The pioneers among them are, for example, the regions of the Hasburgs, the black Forest And Tyrol. And outdoor bikes with drop handlebars are a big seller at bike shops.

BUT: Whether you’re touring on an aero bike, e-bike or gravel bike – the type of bike isn’t that important. Anyway, cyclists do something for their health, relaxation and beautiful scenery on top of that. In addition, you are traveling in an environmentally friendly way. This looks like a well-stocked vacation package.

For many cyclists, the real fun begins when the asphalt ends

For many cyclists, the real fun begins when the asphalt ends

Source: picture alliance / Westend61

additional information:

ADFC tips for cycling trips: www.adfc-radtourismus.de; www.deutschland-per-rad.de

The Ruhr area cycling area: www.radrevier.ruhr

Cycling in Slovenia: www.slovenia.info/de

Skåne cycling area in Sweden: visitkane.com/ar

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