Iranian Revolutionary Guard attacks in the Ruhr area: Prosecution witness fears revenge?


Investigators suspect that the IRGC is behind the attacks on Jewish institutions in the Ruhr area. An important witness should fear retribution from the masterminds.

Incinerator thrown at the school

The man resisted a recruitment attempt by the group and later resisted it police to attest. So I stayed with alleged plans to burn down a synagogue in Dortmund. Shortly thereafter, it is said that the German-Iranian c. The 35-year-old, who, according to investigators, tried to order the attack in Dortmund, took action himself: he threw a petrol bomb at a school in a nearby synagogue in Bochum, as he admitted to doing so during interrogations. Which is why the federal prosecutor is charging him with arson and attempted solicitation.

Portions of the charges against J. As well as additional investigations against the so-called “operational team” of the Revolutionary Guards to witness statements, as evidenced by several decisions of the Federal Court of Justice, namely: Available on t-online. Not only charged c. , but also the alleged mastermind Y. in Tehran, a former leader of the rock group Hell’s Angels in Mönchengladbachand also wanted for the murder of Rock Kai M.

Shots were fired at a synagogue in Essen

It is said that Y. ordered the attack on the Revolutionary Guards and that he phoned J. every day. According to the investigation, another accused named K. Fire at a synagogue in Bochum at night in food. Other suspects are also under investigation. If the results are confirmed, the Mullah system will be Iran Back to attacks in Germany responsible.

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However, the witness now appears to be under pressure: among other things, C must remain in custody because the judges fear he might “influence” the witness. He said he was “contacted by a man who described himself as a former classmate of the accused and asked on his behalf not to appear in court,” according to court documents. The judges consider the descriptions reasonable.

The Revolutionary Guard is active in Germany

For even at home the man did not appear to be quite sure: it was said that a close relative of the accused had visited him at his home address. Allegedly, he only wanted to “obtain the address of attorney (…)”. However, it is already in the files, which is why the Federal Court of Justice The claim is “unconvincing”.

Perhaps this assessment should include the fact that the Federal and State Office for the Protection of the Constitution assumed for years that Iranian intelligence and the Revolutionary Guards are active in Germany, spying primarily on Iranian dissidents, Jewish and Israeli institutions and individuals. They may still be active – despite the arrests.


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