“It Turned Out Differently Than Expected”: Implications for the Ukrainian Offensive After the Dam Collapse


Destruction of the Kakhovka Dam Changes the War Mode: Could the Ukrainian Offensive Ever Be Successful?

The Kakhovka Dam near Cherson hit exactly the area where Ukraine really wanted to start its counteroffensive. What are the consequences of the attack on the planned attack on Putin’s forces? In an interview with moderator Lisa Fritsch, crisis reporter Daniel Mutzel and editor-in-chief Florian Harms explain why some things will turn out differently than previously expected. New episode of the “Discussion Material” podcast.


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The two books on Putin that Florian Harms recommends in the podcast can be purchased here: “The Magician in the Kremlin” by Giuliano da Empoli f Putin’s network by Kathryn Belton.

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This past weekend’s podcast episode addressed the issue of how much we can sacrifice as a result of climate change without jeopardizing our prosperity or comfort. This episode You can listen to the topic of concessions here.


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