Leopard tank: German engineers solve Ukraine’s ammunition problem


Germany delivered 40 Gibbard tanks to Ukraine, but so far there is a shortage of ammunition for them. Now it seems that Rheinmetall has made great progress.

tanks in Ukraine Transmission is one thing. But they are useful in defense against Russia A little bit at the start when she’s running low on ammo and can’t recycle. This had been the problem with the 40 Gebbard tanks for a long time Germany Shipped to Ukraine. But as Bild reports, engineers at Rheinmetall Arms Group have now found a solution.

Rather than duplicating the old 35mm ammunition of the 1980s tank, they are said to have converted existing ammunition of the same size for the APC weapon so that it would also work with the Cheetah. The fire control computer of the old machine reliably recognized this new ammunition after several tests.

Cheetah: Old documents and tools are missing

Previously, engineers faced many problems trying to create ammunition for the old anti-aircraft tank. According to “Bild”, no one at Rheinmetall knew how the Cheetah firefighting was organized in detail. And the few documents still around it didn’t help because the previous tools were missing.

The Cheetah has a twin 35mm cannon and has already established itself as a defensive weapon against Russian attacks – such as those in Iran Shahid-136 delivered kamikaze drones. Recently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have only used five-round submachine guns to conserve ammunition. Usually up to 20 shells were fired through the machine guns.

In general, Rheinmetall will deliver 300,000 cartridges to Ukraine. By the end of 2023, it is supposed to reach 40,000, and according to Bild information, the first will soon reach the front units. The Bundeswehr had no ammunition left at all, and other countries refused to supply ammunition from their stocks for political reasons.


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