“Life has become more expensive,” insists SPD leader Klingbeil on a higher minimum wage


SPD leader Klingbeil criticized the currently planned increase in the minimum wage as insufficient. He warns of the consequences of inflation.

the SPD He wants to support an additional increase in the minimum wage next year until the 14th euro Insert. “We will make sure of that Germany Implementation of the European minimum wage directive next year. SPD in Federal government “Party leader Lars Klingbeil declared in Bild am Sonntag. The minimum wage may rise again,” he urged. If fully applied, it would be between 13.50 and 14 euros, according to experts, “explained Klingbeil.

According to the proposal of the Minimum Wage Commission set up by the government, the statutory minimum wage in Germany will rise from 12 to 12.41 euros next year and to 12.82 euros in 2025 (Read more about it here). Klingbeil considers this insufficient: “Life is becoming more expensive, which is why we generally need more wages in the country.”

The head of the Social Democratic Party sharply criticized the employers’ representatives in the Commission, who pushed this recommendation against the trade union votes. “I am shocked that the employer side does not see what life is like for the many millions of workers in this country: economic inflation They eat their paychecks, and they have to think about what they can still afford at the end of the month,” Klingbeil said.


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Klingbeil demands higher taxes for the rich

Shortly before the federal government wanted to decide on its 2024 budget draft in the Cabinet, Klingbill also brought higher projects Guidance For the rich in the game. “Strong shoulders have to take more responsibility. I know not everyone in government likes that, but issues of distribution and fairness are on the political agenda.”

under pressure FDP The traffic light government has ruled out tax increases so far. “In the next few years we will have to discuss distribution issues very seriously,” Klingbeil announced about fierce negotiations about income and spending.

They shouldn’t be there in Berlin.

to the highest level in the survey AfD The SPD leader said: “I think we need three things. First, good things Policy, which addresses people’s daily problems. The topics are wages, housing, pension and affordable energy. “Second: a political style that doesn’t explain to people how they should be, but takes seriously what’s on their mind. And third: get out more often.” Berlin And talk to people all over the country. We cannot be “those in Berlin”.

Klingbeil also criticized CDU leader Merz’s statement that the Greens were the main opponents of union in the federal government. “I had to let the advertisement sink in at first. You can’t declare the Greens your biggest political opponent once the first AfD district manager has been elected.” Klingbeil said the AfD is a far-right party that wants to take the country out of the common society and divide it. “She is the political opponent of all Democrats.”


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Last weekend, AfD candidate Robert Stallmann was in the district Sun Mountain He was elected as the first AfD district manager in Germany, much to the consternation of many politicians from other parties. Turing’s AfD is classified and monitored by the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution as a guaranteed right-wing extremist. Read more here.


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