McFit Chiefs: The Future of McFit? We are currently reviewing the theme “ALT Future of McFit?” “A new era begins” – the world


world: Your founder’s desire to experiment is also reflected in the group’s structure. These include an artist agency, a fashion label, and a modeling agency. Is this still appropriate?

Müller-Tribusch: I find it difficult to explain some of these activities to external partners such as banks. The expansion into fashion, for one, made sense thanks to creative person Rainer Schaller. We cannot continue on this path and want to focus the group on areas of strategic growth. So we give up the fashion brand Marcell from Berlin. The core McFit and John Reed brands, as well as the international business Gold’s Gym, which we acquired in 2020, will be most important. The model agency of our members complements this. We want to stabilize the group and lead it to healthy growth.

world: What else are you giving up?


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