++ Newsblog on Ukraine ++ ‘Totally unacceptable and not European’: Selinsky criticizes the EU


Silinsky criticizes the European Union: “Totally unacceptable and not European”

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Updated 07/25/2023 – 13:10Reading time: 15 minutes.

According to official information, two buildings were hit in a drone attack on Moscow. (Source: Glomex)

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Day 517: Ukraine plans to increase agricultural exports across the Danube. But the Kremlin is now attacking the inland ports on the river with drones. All information in the news blog.

The most important things at a glance


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What Russians say about the war: “Crazy mistake but now you have to win it”

Putin can really use this weapon now

1:09 PM: Heavily armed, the Soviet Union set up a Cold War ambush NATO. If the conflict has become “hot”, there must be a revolutionary weapon system Moscow get an advantage. You can read beyond that here.

Germany supplies tanks – but they are not suitable for the front

It’s 10 O’clock: The German Leopard battle tank is a secret weapon in the Ukraine war. Older model delivers Germany also. However, this may not be suitable for frontline use. Read more here.

Moscow is equipping the reactor at the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant

7.39 am: At the mined Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine, Russian occupation forces have heated up another reactor to repair one. Terminal Five was to be closed for technical maintenance, Interfax news agency reported. In order to cover the plant’s steam requirements, reactor number four was preheated. Kyiv Already criticized this move as dangerous.

“Such actions are a flagrant violation of the terms of the license for the operation of this nuclear facility. Currently, the operation of unit number four of the Zaporizhia NPP can only be carried out in the cold state,” said a statement from the Ukrainian nuclear power company Enerhoatom. The reason for the concerns is that the block has not been operated for a long time and has not been maintained or repaired during this time.

Officially, the power plant remains closed. Even when warm, the reactor blocks don’t produce electricity, only steam. The factory closed in September 2022.

Ukraine: Sixth Russian air strike on Kiev in July

5.45 am: Russia According to Ukrainian sources, the sixth air strike was carried out this month on the capital, Kiev. Serhiy Popko, head of the military department in Kyiv, said on Tuesday on the Telegram messaging app that, according to preliminary information, all Iranian Shahed drones were shot down by Ukrainian air defense systems. So far, there have been no reports of injuries or serious damage. Reuters could not independently confirm the source of information related to the attacks.

Selinsky criticizes the EU ban on the import of Ukrainian grain

4.02 am: Under the new Russian naval blockade of grain from his country, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky European Union Request to open their borders to agricultural products. In his evening video message broadcast in Kiev on Monday night, Zelensky said that European institutions could act more rationally than closing borders on a specific product. Restrictions on Ukrainian grain exports that were in effect until September 15 should expire on that day.

“Any extension of these restrictions is totally unacceptable and clearly not European,” he said. As he wrote in a message on his Telegram channel, there should be no ban on Ukrainian exports.


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