On the podcast: This is Behind Outdoor Pool Violence


Time and time again, riots occur in the outdoor pools – often caused by young males. There are complex societal causes behind this violence.

Bullying at the edge of the pool, sexual harassment of women or even fights: this is everyday life in some German outdoor pools, such as the Columbiabad in Berlin-Neukölln. The bathroom had to be closed temporarily.

Where does violence come from? Why is the police so helpless? Presenter Lisa Fritsch discusses this with the editor-in-chief of the website Florian Harms and the head of the regional editorial offices in Berlin, Pascal Bidenweg. Here on the podcast:


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The film also revolves around street battles in the Ruhr region a few weeks ago, in which members of the Lebanese and Syrian clans may have attacked each other. In the podcast we explain how drivers and structures relate to violence in outdoor swimming pools and who is responsible for it.

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New name, same content: The Weekend Dawn podcast is now called Discussion Article. With this, we want to better separate our morning news feed, i.e. the “Daybreak” podcast, from the in-depth discussion on the weekend.


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