Ruhr area: completely weightless when skydiving in Bottrop-Wilt


Raise your arms, pull in your stomach and let yourself fall into the roaring storm: in Bottrop, adventure seekers can float on a cushion of air and let themselves be blown away at speeds of 180 kilometers per hour. Skydiving is the name of fun that quickly makes you feel happy.

Rohrbot: In skydiving, participants fly behind glass in a wind tunnel Rohrbot: In skydiving, participants fly behind glass in a wind tunnel

In skydiving, participants fly behind glass in a wind tunnel

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DrRight in front of our noses behind the glass people are floating around. They turn awkwardly, drift up against the wind tunnel, drop like balloons and are blown back up at an air speed of 180 kilometers per hour. I’m told it looks like a free fall from an airplane. Only here the condition is more controlled. We’re just analyzing – from the very obvious outside – the startling mistakes when Coach Kay called us four Air Pirates a future together.

Jessica, Denise, Manuela and I wear protective gear – body suits with trainer handles, helmets, goggles and earplugs. We are still cool. Just to be on the safe side, I bid farewell to my friend. “If I don’t come back, we’ll meet in Canada‘I’m trying to joke. Kai corrects me: “On the moon!”

Some final instructions from the trainer: Always keep your stomach stretched forward. “Fingers up” means: “rejoice.” Two fingers in a V means: “legs straight”, and shaking hands means: “goosebumps, don’t be so nervous.”

After the trip there is a certificate for the participants

Then it starts. It was my second turn, and I stomp resolutely toward the open door. Raise your arms, draw in your stomach, and allow yourself to fall into the raging storm. Headwinds hold my breath for a moment. Then I float. No, I’m flying! Well, at least that’s how I feel, even if my stomach repeatedly touches the grate in a very unfavorable way.

Kai, who can inexplicably stand still in this tornado, shakes his hands and points up. rejoice! Now I’m gaining height, but in return I’m bouncing against the glass wall. Kai’s hand trembles. I have four trips. With the second I can fly on my own for a short while, with the third I am learning to gently turn my head and turn my whole body.

Skydiving in the Ruhr District: the instructor gives advice and sometimes even helps

The coach gives advice and sometimes lends a hand

Source: Ysbrand Browers

Then Kai grabbed my shoulders and legs, and we race up and down at breakneck speed, spinning like a boomerang. I laugh and howl, but quickly close my mouth again before Kai notices saliva flying around my ears.

When Kai asks if anyone wants to fly again, Four Fingers snaps instantly. We have long been a close-knit group, enthusiastically greeting each other and applauding when the instructor directs one of us to the open lock after the flight and back to our feet. After a remarkable immortality, the Others suddenly crowd into the airlock. We are so thrilled that we didn’t even notice the people waiting.

More tips for holidays in the Ruhr region:

With disheveled hair and red cheeks, we gather in the lobby for a debriefing. Everyone gets feedback. Dennis did the best. Sure enough, she had practiced the exercise in secret before, as quietly as it was in the air.

The certificate will definitely be on my wall. The movie, which you can then purchase, must have been accidentally shot in slow motion. Instead of a noticeable free fall, you see a completely calm pier that floats up and down. You can guess my screams. Fortunately you can’t see the spit.

additional information:

The indoor paragliding jump (Prosperstraße 297, Bottrop) is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm, reservation required! The flight in the wind tunnel is longer than the free fall time of a skydiver of 4000 meters and lasts about 60 seconds. There are different packages on offer: two air line trips cost €69, four flights €119 (total duration around 1.5 hours), Indoor –

The article is an excerpt from the recently published book “Ruhrgebiet – Abenteuer” by travel author Renate Zoller (240 pages, € 17.90, Michael Müller Verlag / Describes 33 experiences in the Ruhr area that are unusual and occur far from the usual tourist routes.

Source: Michael Müller Verlag


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