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DrSPD leader Saskia Esken reiterated her call for higher taxes for high earners and the wealthy. “The SPD can certainly imagine making higher incomes, higher incomes and higher assets more responsible,” Eskin said Tuesday. In the ARD “Morgenmagazin”. In general, the budget should cover all mutually agreed projects such as basic child insurance.

“That’s why everyone is hoping for better revenue,” Esken said. Some are solely dependent on economic growth and the additional tax revenue generated, she said, referring to alliance partner FDP. The Social Democrats are all about higher taxes on wealth.

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Esken also thinks the proposal to cut the child allowance is “a good idea.” FDP sees this as a hidden tax increase. The SPD leader admitted that this would lead to an increase in the tax contribution. “We still have to negotiate that.” But it is “critical that performance improvements be linked to the poorest of the poor.”

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