Terrorist order from Tehran: investigations are expanded in Germany, many suspects


The Public Prosecutor is investigating a series of attacks on Jewish institutions. He blamed an “operational team” controlled by the Iranian state. There are more suspects than previously known.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is believed to have carried out attacks on Jewish facilities in Iran Germany commissioned. According to information from t-online, the public prosecutor has expanded the scope of the investigation and is now investigating several suspects on suspicion of forming a criminal organization and other criminal offenses. This arises from a decision of the Federal Court of Justice, which is available on t-online.

At least four suspects have been assigned to a so-called operations team that is said to have coordinated and carried out the attacks. Three of them are suspected of being involved in arson at a school in Bochum and shooting at the rabbi’s house in the old synagogue in food be responsible. In addition, they are accused of attacking the synagogue in Dortmund Charged, which failed at the planning stage. Investigators consider the fourth suspect to be the mastermind of the crime Iran. The group acted on behalf of Iran’s elite unit for anti-Semitic reasons.

One of the suspects has already been charged

The night attacks in Bochum and Essen attracted nationwide attention at the end of last year. After the first arrest, the Minister of the Interior of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia Herbert Röhl (CDU) admitted early on that there could be a link between the crimes in Essen and Bochum. ARD’s political magazine “Kontraste” reported shortly afterwards, citing investigators, for the first time on suspicion that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards might be behind the attacks.

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One of the suspects has been charged since mid-May and has been in custody. The German-Iranian player Babak J. The 35-year-old is accused of attempting to set arson in Bochum and inciting arson in Dortmund. An acquaintance refused J.’s request and called police divorced

The mastermind is also wanted for the biker’s murder

received c. Ordering the attacks from an intermediary in Iran, who in turn acted on behalf of “an unidentified Iranian government agency,” the federal prosecutor said at the time. The Federal Court of Justice ruling now gives details of the group’s structure and clients.

Bullet holes have been discovered in a synagogue in Essen
Bullet holes after the Essen attack: a suspect was searched in February as it is now known. (Source: Justin Brosch / ANC-NEWS / dpa / dpa-images)

It is mentioned that c. The actual accused and the mastermind, Way in Iran, are suspects in the document. According to consistent media reports, Y. is said to be the former leader of the Hell’s Angels in Mönchengladbach He is. He has been wanted for the murder of Helles Angel Kay M since 2021. A third suspect is said to have opened fire on the synagogue in Essen. In the case against him, investigators searched two apartments in February and obtained evidence.

Elite unit for covert foreign operations

Nothing was found in the decision regarding the alleged involvement of the fourth accused. But it was not the man who was supposed to instigate the attack in Dortmund. Still considered a witness who apparently convicted J.J. Y. denied the allegations via his Instagram account. According to the decision, however, the results of additional investigations support the description.

It added that the group met by June 2022 at the latest in order to “launch attacks on synagogues and possibly other Jewish facilities in Germany”. Z called C every day and asked him to carry out the attacks. J is said to have admitted during his interrogation that he had received the order from Iran – but for “self-protection reasons” he gave a different name.

Y. allegedly coordinated actions in cooperation with the so-called Quds Forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. This is an elite unit for covert foreign operations. For years, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution accused her of spying on Jewish and Israeli institutions in Germany to prepare attacks. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution assumes that 160 people have links to Germany and also have links to the Revolutionary Guards. It is not clear if they are all in Germany.


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