‘Troops of Color’ rehearsal with Prince William: Soldiers suddenly collapse


The famous “Trooping the Color” parade takes place in London in a week. At rehearsals, Prince William was on horseback. But there were also accidents.

Prince William led the final rehearsals for his father’s, King Charles III’s Birthday Parade. Due to the summer heat, many soldiers were lost and had to be carried from the field.

As reported by People, Prince William has been watching closely the recent rehearsals in front of the Troops of Color parade on June 17. This will be the first Christmas show for King Charles during his reign.

Prince William wrote “proudly” that his mission began on Saturday morning. Accordingly, the Prince made sure that the Welsh Guards, the smallest guard regiment in the British Army, were well equipped to prepare for next Saturday.

The heat caused accidents

The Prince of Wales, who is an honorary colonel in the Welsh Guards, led the parade on horseback at the Mall in London in. He came at full gallop: a bearskin hat, a tunic, a gauntlet belt and a sword. The Welsh Guards have the honor of flying their flag to the King in this year’s parade.

The heat became too much for a few of the soldiers.
The heat became too much for a few of the soldiers. (Image credit: Stuart C Wilson/Getty Images)

A total of more than 1,500 soldiers and 300 horses marched forward to be inspected by Prince William during the rehearsal. on Twitter William thanked after the rehearsals, “Thank you very much to all the soldiers who came to the Colonel’s Review in the Heat this morning. Tough conditions but you all did a really good job. Thank you. W.”


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