Yvonne Wolke and Peter Klein in Gossip Strain


“They complained there”
Yvonne Wolke and Peter Klein in Gossip Strain

By Kay Butterwick

A sink without a water connection, neighbors obsessed with gossip and big shakes In the jury’s first assessment: At the start of ‘Competition in 4 Walls’, Yvonne Wolke and Peter Klein have to overcome significant obstacles.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the Republic is a house in need of renovation, which is eagerly awaiting a fresh coat of paint. After asking for help, four pairs of amateur craftsmen agreed to give it all up and, encouraged by the prospect of a €50,000 payment, got down to business. There are also bearded friends Julian and David, reality TV stars Sandra and Mama Ines, Liddell branch manager Marcel and his wife Nadja, as well as Yvonne and Peter, who have been jumping from the gossip top to the next in recent months.

– A competition in 4 walls on TV

The “4 Walls Competition – Ultimate Building Challenge” takes place every Tuesday at 8:15pm on RTL. In addition, the episode in question is already a week ago Available on RTL+.

“Are they who I think they are?” Sandra wants to know quickly before filming begins. Yes, it’s actually Yvonne Wilkie and Peter Klein. “We’re just good friends,” Yvonne and Peter immediately try to nip any hint of curiosity in the bud. The second star’s not-so-obvious supposed relationship case is only an entertaining cornerstone in the form of the “Competition in 4 Walls” building challenge. Equally important are the creative building practices of the four couples who, at the end of each renovation phase (starting the bathroom), must face the verdict of an expert jury (Detlef Steves, Kristina Ströh and Alexander Pieper).

“I thought it was such a little cave”

Whoever gets the fewest jury points at the end of the working week gets to pack their bags and make room for a new couple. Of course no one wants to go home first – and so the candidates work hard. “I thought it was a little cave,” Sandra marvels at the size of the apartment. Nothing there, “size matters” is the motto—and it starts with the bathroom.

People love to take a break in the crowd trailer - Source RTL Good Times.jpg

It’s not just Klein and Wilkie’s heads that are spinning.

(Photo: RTL/Good Times)

Everyone’s heads show smoke before the first string hole. Clever Nadia and Marcel choose the type of non-woven wallpaper and the floor made of self-adhesive vinyl planks. Sandra and Ines swear by herringbone tiles and a flame visual play next to the sink. Kettle repairman David and woodworker Julien draw on dark colors and a rustic wood look. Yvonne and Peter are still missing. The two celebrities have two challenges to contend with. On the one hand, there’s Peter, a trained painter and varnisher, who of course doesn’t want to show any weaknesses when he’s surrounded by familiar materials. And then, of course, there would also be the relationship question that’s been haunting the house since the beginning of the whole thing, and which Princess Curiosity Sandra in particular would have liked to clear up ASAP.

Yvonne and Peter are “just friends”

Yvonne and Peter oblige: “We like spending time together,” Peter subtly keeps to himself. After the first shower in the soundproofed wet room enclosures, Sandra then claimed to have heard revealing voices: “They complained in there. Something was going on in there!” , the blonde influencer, sure. However, it soon becomes apparent that Peter (“Slowly this topic is really getting on my nerves!”) and Yvonne are showering in different containers.

The judging panel - junky or junky legend Detlef Steves, retail design consultant Christina Stroh and architect Alexander Bieber - eye building talent - Source RTL Good Times.jpg

The judging panel is “Hot oder Schrott” legend Detlef Steves (left), retail design consultant Christina Stroh and architect Alexander Pieper.

(Photo: RTL/Good Times)

The tabloid couple is trying to focus on work. A few neat tiles, splashy splashes of color in style and an elegant bathtub without a water connection should finally make all the difference. The first building adventure is slowly coming to an end. The state of Yvonne and Peter’s relationship seems to play out in Sandra’s imagination. But then there is still a treat for hungry watchers. Peter’s lewd slap on the butt causes Yvonne to gasp in front of the screens. (Unfortunately) no one noticed anything about the other candidates. But: Whoever puts his hand on the buttocks of a “good friend” can certainly assume other intentions.

Corner turned

In the next episode, viewers will find out if Peter is “sensitive” and secretive but apparently not completely disinclined to keep Yvonne going. Thanks to several “design flaws” and a flamboyant sink worktop (“Invites You to Make Currywurst,” O-Ton Detlef), Sandra and Ines fell far behind in the jury’s standings. At the end of the first week, Peter and Yvonne took 3rd place behind Julien, David and “Bathroom” winners Marcel and Nadia. “I got on the curve again,” Yvonne aptly puts it.


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