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AfD with slight losses – Union remains the strongest force

“Meers does not waver at all, he strengthens the party as a federal president”

In contrast to the internal party criticism of CDU leader Friedrich Merz for his remarks about how to handle the AfD at the domestic level, Hesse Prime Minister Boris Rein (CDU) has his back: “We advise very well to strengthen our party leader,” he told WELT.

In the Opportunity Institute’s “trend meter”, the AfD lost 1 percentage point. On the other hand, the union has improved to 27 percent and is now clearly leading among voters. The Greens also lost a point.

theA slight damper for the AfD: In a “trend gauge” published by the Opportunity Institute for channels RTL and NTV on Tuesday, the party deteriorated by one percentage point, to 19 percent. However, the AfD was still ahead of the Social Democrats, which, as in the previous week, reached 18 percent.

The strongest strength was Union, which improved by one point, to 27 percent. The discussion about the possibility of a more realistic collaboration between CDU with AfD at the local level It is unlikely that it affected the survey, which ran through Monday.

The left also got a point and reached five percent. The Green Party came in the poll with 14 percent and the Free Democratic Party six percent, both parties losing a point compared to the previous week. In the past few weeks, the AfD has reached record values ​​in various polls and pushed the Social Democrats to third place.

Debate continues about Merz’s position on the AfD

Even after clarification regarding the demarcation from the AfD, the controversy continues over CDU leader Frederik Merz. Junge Union (JU) president Johannes Winkel defended Merz on Tuesday against internal party criticism, and CSU general secretary Martin Huber called the CDU president’s recent remarks on the AfD “unhelpful”. Former Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) doubted that Merz as the union’s candidate for chancellor be fit.

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On Sunday, Merz again ruled out cooperation between his party and the AfD at the state or federal level, but at the same time said contacts at the local level are possible. This has caused widespread criticism in the federation. Merz then clarified that “there will be no cooperation between the CDU and the AfD at the municipal level either.”

For the survey, Chance interviewed about 2,500 people from July 18-24. The institute gave an error tolerance of plus/minus 2.5 percentage points.

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